The Trip

Last week I posted a life update about finishing the rewrite on the book I wrote back in 2009. That book is set in Romania (mostly Bucharest and Brasov). Chris and I have been saving miles for a while, and we were able to book a trip to Romania using those miles! This trip will be accomplishing a few things.

Communist Era Tower Block – Bucharest, Romania

First, I have been making ministry contacts in Romania so that we can get connected with Christians in that amazing country. And now that I’m a Christian, I am so curious about what Christian life was like under communism, before the revolution (I’ve heard stories of Christians who went out in the woods to pray and hold services, others where Christians were under threat of death by the Securitate – Ceaucescu’s secret police).

Cross outside Bran Castle (Village Bran, Romania)

I’m also excited to attend Holy Liturgy (aka Sunday service) at an Eastern Orthodox church, as well as visit places like the Black Church in Brasov. I have been to Romania before, but not as a Spirit-filled Christian, and I am excited to go there now with fresh, Spirit-filled eyes! I also look forward to praying for and blessing people along the way, worshiping with my guitar out on the streets and at the public parks, and declaring “Isus” (Jesus) over a country that is near and dear to my heart.

Eastern Orthodox Church – Bucharest, Romania

The next thing I hope to accomplish involves the book. The manuscript is practically finished (I’ve just been doing a little trimming here and there, some editing), and Chris and I are planning to go to all the places my main character goes in the book. I’ve already been to a lot of those places, but there are a few I haven’t, and he hasn’t been to any of them (obviously, since he’s never been to Romania), so this will be a fun experience for both of us.

Council Square – Brasov, Romania

In the story, my protagonist goes on a scavenger hunt through her dad’s homeland to fulfill his last wishes but then finds herself on a high-stakes quest (and an unexpected journey to faith) along the way. It will be neat to check out each site of the scavenger hunt in person, walking the footsteps my protagonist walks in the story! It will also give me an opportunity to put any finishing touches on scenes while being IN those places.

Street sign in Brasov, Romania

Finally, I am excited to visit with dear friends whom I’ve missed greatly. The professor who hosted me last time will be hanging out with us, and I can’t wait to see him and his family! We will get to visit some of my old haunts from the last trip (Caru cu Bere, the People’s Palace, Revolution Square, Bran Castle, Rasnov, and so much more!).

Eating at Caru cu Bere with the professor’s family – Bucharest, Romania
The best professor in the world! Professor Nicolae Dragulanescu – Bucharest, Romania
Hanging out with Romanian author Dr. Anca Sirghie and the late Florin Cioaba (aka “King of the Gypsies”) before he passed the following year – Sibiu, Romania

Prayers for the trip would be so wonderful and appreciated. I really want to bring Kingdom wherever I step and to go wherever the Lord leads! Life Update #3 coming up next week!

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” – Gustav Flaubert.

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