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I’ve been looking around for writers conferences to attend and found several coming up next year, but just recently I stumbled upon one that was happening this fall. It was the Ohio Christian Writers Conference hosted by Serious Writer, and I booked my spot just a couple weeks before the conference.

I’m glad I did! The classes were incredible, especially Victoria Duerstock’s social media class, Hallee Bridgeman’s class on novel-writing in layers, and Gregg Bridgeman’s dialogue class. Steven James’ class on suspense was awesome, too, and he gave some great keynote speeches. I also met writer and junior literary agent, Sarah Gorman, who, along with some colleagues, started Sherpa Editing (I’ve been utilizing their editing service to polish my manuscript before sending it off to a small press who requested it — Sarah and team have great prices, and I’ve been very pleased).

A funny situation came up the first night of the conference. My husband actually had to go check us into our Airbnb, and he was running pretty late to come pick me up after. Literary Agent Cyle Young and his wife were kind enough to give me a lift someplace to meet him–I was SUPER THANKFUL for them!

Cyle Young and his lovely wife

I also submitted Awaken the Dawn for the OHCWC’s manuscript contest / Blue Seal Awards…and then I kind of forgot about it. That Saturday evening, they announced the winners, and I was so excited (and surprised!) to learn that Awaken the Dawn placed second in the Young Adult category for the Blue Seal Awards!

I’m so thankful I went to the conference. I met some fantastic people, including the wonderful Karisa Moore, the adventurous Debby Thompson…and the wise and savvy Jen Wisdom-Schepers, MD attended, too! It was a fantastic time, full of fellowship and laughs, a little nervousness, a lot of learning, and the love of Christ.

Hanging out with Jen Wisdom-Schepers, MD!

I’ve never been to a writers conference where I walked up to so many tables and heard people talking about something other than their books–but at this conference, I often walked up on people talking about the Lord and what He’s been doing in their lives. We also WORSHIPED! It was AWESOME and so refreshing!

Stay tuned for an update on the Paris trip my husband and I just got back from. Loads of adventures to share! There were protests happening while we were there, but that didn’t stop me from doing the research I needed to do (well, most of it…I may have to go back for one or two more things 😉 ). -K

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