Behind Closed Doors and Eyes

Today’s poem is dedicated to the recent victims of the terror attacks in France (October 2020).

I had already published this poem to the blog before hearing about the latest attack, but I feel the theme is appropriate — the families of the victims are surely experiencing pain right now, and that’s the heart behind this poem.

I keep my pain in a private place

Behind closed doors and eyes
And if and when I show that face
You still won’t see everything inside

As I lost my heart to him
His brokenness, not mine
The damage entered in within
It wouldn’t stop, and I couldn’t hide

Confine this pain, this hollow ache
With chains and words not mine
For unto him I surely gave
All that I had, which I cannot find

And so this ache
This pain
Continues on
Within that space
I keep it locked up, warm and safe
Behind closed doors and eyes

– Written October 18, 2011

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