Foolish Girl

Such a fool, foolish girl
To sit around…and for what?
You don’t know
Never have
Never will
Forget about your heart
‘Cause it’s all about his will

Foolish girl
Dreamy-eyed, lovesick girl
He don’t see you, girl
Never has
Never will
You never stood a chance
‘Cause you know he don’t stand still

Foolish girl
Teary-eyed, heartsick girl
You know the end of this story, girl
Unhappily ever after silver and pearls
Perfectly tarnished, harshly pure
Worth less than gold without a cure
But you still sit there, silly little girl
Believin’, daydreamin’, forever unsure
Foolish, foolish girl

-Written August 18, 2011
as I fell for the wrong guy

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