Things Going Wrong in Paris

Excerpt from an old journal (part two from my first day in Paris):

Couldn’t officially check into the hotel when I arrived this morning. Too early, room wasn’t available. But they let me leave my luggage so I could go explore the city.

Started at the Champs-Elysees, went to Notre Dame (the queue to the top was ridonkulous, so I just did a walk-thru of the church), then came back around to the Louvre, then down to Place de la Concorde. My feet were killing me, so I took a break there, sat on a bench, and watched the Eiffel Tower from a distance.

It was gorgeous.

Note: I was almost pick-pocketed twice–once outside Notre Dame and a second time in the Louvre when I was in the room with the Mona Lisa. Each time, I had this funny feeling I was being watched, and when I looked around…yep. I was being watched both times by men who did not appear to be tourists. When I made eye contact with each one, in each situation, he slinked off.

I left after that second incident–not because of the pickpocketing, but because, literally, the bones in my feet felt like they were going to snap. They still hurt now, even as I’m writing this.

Reminder: wear comfier shoes next time you’re in Paris. 😦 How do I always get this stuff wrong?
I walked along the River Seine, watched the Eiffel Tower sparkling, then came back around to the Champs-Elysees, checked out a plaza with gorgeous Christmas lights and had a cappuccino at a place called Unisex. Then I caught the Franklin D. Roosevelt Metro (yes, that’s the name of the station) over to Concorde, then Commerce and finally back to Alyss-Saphir for a late check-in.

Side note: The shower was nice and hot, but the room is c-c-c-cold. No heater that I can find. Need to figure this out, because I’m bundled up in a bunch of clothes and I’m still freezing.

-Written November 26, 2011
During my first ever trip to Paris

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