What if the thing you think you need is the thing that’s destroying your life?

That’s a heavy question, but let’s look at a not-so-heavy example. Like junk-food cravings. You may believe, to the point of being totally convinced, that you need a certain type of junk food. For me, it’s donuts.

When I see donuts, I imagine the way the bready dough will melt in my mouth, the way the sugar will coat my tongue and slide down my throat. I want one.

No. I need one. Or two. Three isn’t too many, right? Because once I take the first bite, there’s no stopping me after that.

But even if I’m able to limit myself to one or two (which is usually asking a lot) my stomach inevitably hurts. I feel heavy, sluggish, like there’s a brick sitting in my gut. If I’ve had more than two, forget it. I can barely function.

I had been so sure this food was what I wanted. I had been convinced I needed it, even though I knew I would regret it.

But if that’s the case, if I really did know the outcome, why didn’t I just say no? We’re talking about donuts here, but there are a lot of other things that could be substituted, depending on the individual: fast food, alcohol, drugs, porn, binging on TV/movies/social media, toxic relationships, that ex that keeps coming back into your life, or literally a thousand other things.

You always feel gross/crappy/guilty after partaking in that vice, and yet you do it anyway. Why? That’s my challenge to you. Ask yourself why you still turn to this thing, whatever it may be, when you know you’re just going to feel worse afterward.

And if you want freedom from this thing, send me a message through my contact form. There is hope. Freedom is possible. I’m a former addict, and my life is the proof.

With fire in our eyes
Our lives alight

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