The Ugly Side of Us

We often blame our circumstances for how we act or react. We think we’re not being our “true selves” because the circumstances were bad, therefore we acted or reacted badly.

But what if those circumstances are revealing what’s inside of us?

Think about a piece of fruit. When the fruit is squeezed, whatever is on the inside comes out.

If the fruit is ripe, sweet juice will come out.

If the fruit is rotten, rotten juice will come out.

What if we’re all broken deep down on the inside, in the core of our beings, in the places people can’t see — and what if that brokenness simply manifests with the right amount of pressure and the wrong kinds of circumstances?

It’s the squeezing of a fruit that reveals that it’s rotten. It’s the heat that reveals impurities in silver and gold. And it’s circumstances, the pressures of life, that reveal the ugly side in all of us.

True love isn’t self-seeking

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