Lost in Translation

Online is…
  doses (of a drug called attention)
  false things
  fake ways
  the best photo out of dozens
  the perfect look out of tens or even hundreds
I say: “How can I be expected to keep up?”
They say: “Easy, baby. False lashes and body-editing and filters with fakeup”
It began with fake it ’til you make it, but the thought got lost in translation
Soon after, we fell deep into fantasy and self-fascination
Hey, but…didn’t you know?
Witchcraft is just a form of manipulation and control
It’s captivating
It’s Hollywood and all the fake stuff
The smoke and mirrors and the breaking-my-heart stuff
Because it’s not real, and I really want to be me
So tell me: what do you REALLY think of this fake world of social media and IG? 👇

What do you think of all the fake stuff with social media and our online worlds? Do you love it? Hate it? Tolerate it? Maybe you have to rely on it sometimes. Let me know your thoughts below. 👇💛

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