About Kay

When Kay’s not writing, you might find her traveling the world. She especially loves

Kay at King's Cross
Kay at Kings Cross

hitchhiking in Transylvania, posing with famous statues in London, playing  guitar outside Notre Dame and Sacre Coeur in Paris, and dropping notes-n-poems along the riva in Hvar Town. She’s visited 22 countries and has lived in Latin America. Her favorite city in the whole world is Bucharest, Romania, but she first fell in love with East-Central Europe on a trip to the Dalmatian Coast.

Kay is a Texas gal but hangs her hat in Tennessee (only until her husband agrees to move to Romania).

Kay loves sharing the latest travel news and must-knows-before-you-go. And she’s all about those travel deals. Follow her money-saving adventures on social media:

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For book reviews and to see her (growing) shelf of books-to-read, you can find her on Goodreads:


Kay in the UK
Doing a little reading on the road – London, UK

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