The Weight of the World

“Emptiness, by its very nature, is weightless – yet the emptiness inside me somehow carried an unbearable weight.”

In my last post, I talked about the relief effort I joined after an F5 tornado hit Oklahoma.

It was around that time that the storms of life struck in my own heart, leaving behind a path of destruction.

vintage look

My heart is heavy
With the weight of the world
Crashing down around me
A blistered hand
A broken levee
Heaven knows I carry
The weight of the world upon me

-Written the night before I left
for the tornado-relief effort

faith hope love

Being Vulnerable

Men are still an idol.

So is food.

Football (soccer) lurks. Music. Writing. Beauty. Drink (I might just need a drink after I process through all of this).

Bright Lights

Temptations of every kind draw near. I don’t like who I am when I’m too relaxed, too off-guard. That’s when things get dangerous for my heart.

– Written January 2014
as I learned how to “walk the line”

Your Love

Your love is a mountain
I venture to climb
Your love is a river
So endlessly wide
Depression destroyed me
It tore me apart
But Your light did find me
And entered my heart

Your love is a refuge
My sanctuary
Your love is a fire
That’s burning in me
The wolves closed in
They tried to steal me
But You are my Shepherd
I belong to Thee

Your love is a fountain
Your love is a spring
Your love is an ocean
The calmest blue sea
Your love is the rock
Your love is the shore
Your love is the strength
And the hope I adore

It’s real and it’s true
For You are my King
Thank You for loving
And rescuing me

– Written on Valentine’s Day 2014
in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Glitter Waves

The waves gather morning sunlight until they look like shiny, golden tubes rolling upon the shore. As the foamy water breaks apart, the light scatters across the sand like a plume of gold glitter before dissolving into the wet earth.

I’ve never seen this effect before. Could it be the black volcanic soil of this beach? Maybe it’s the Caribbean sun. Whatever the case, it’s beautiful–God’s artwork in nature.

Written January 2014
on the beach in Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico

All that Saves

A warm wind blows
Her warm-blonde hair
Waving, washing
If you dare
A wave that washes
Over me
A pale black night
A memory
A scent that makes it
All come back
A warmth that crushes
A surge that brushes
‘Gainst her mind
That rushes through
The sands of time
And in that moment
Stillness reigns
A Savior’s love
Is all that saves