Upcoming Projects

Look Ugly in a Photograph

Seventeen-year-old Taya’s fall from social media stardom lands her in a storm of controversy with her fans and a mess of hurt feelings with the circle of outcast friends she abandoned during her rise.

  • Genre: YA Contemporary
  • Primary setting: Atlanta, GA
    • Secondary settings: flashbacks allude to Taya’s travels through Europe
  • Timeframe: Fall/Winter Present Day
  • Status: First Draft
    • 65% Complete

Christmas Lights in Paris

Dawn to Darkness

After a failed kidnapping attempt on her life, Kat travels to Paris in search of asylum from the crime syndicate that’s still after her. Stress drives a wedge between her and Maksim, and their breakup leaves them more vulnerable than ever…and not just with the crime syndicate. Maksim’s ex-girlfriend (a French model) wants him back, and she’s turning him against Kat. The cops aren’t buying Kat’s story, either, and one of Maksim’s old friends might be leading Kat astray (in more ways than one).

The chess pieces are in place. The crime boss has Kat right where he wants her.

  • Genre: YA Thriller
  • Primary setting: Paris
    • Secondary settings: Spain, Denmark
  • Timeframe: July (around Bastille Day)
  • Status: First Draft
    • 50% Complete

Eiffel Tower from Place de Concorde

With Love (and Chaos), From Paris

To escape another chaotic Thanksgiving with her highly dysfunctional family, 16-year-old Kacee jet sets to Paris with her best friend’s travel influencer family and finds a whole new level of chaos when the gilets jaunes (yellow vests)—a populist movement protesting social injustice in France—start rioting.
  • Genre: YA Contemporary
  • Primary setting: Paris
    • Secondary settings: Manassas, VA
  • Timeframe: Fall – Present Day
  • Status: Outlining

Eiffel Tower at Night