Seeking representation for my YA novel Awaken the Dawn…


Some teens go to Europe to party. Seventeen-year-old Kat is going because she received a package from her dead father. It’s not a message from the “other side,” and despite the parcel’s origin (Transylvania) it doesn’t involve vampires. Kat sets out for her dad’s homeland. Her mission: decode a cryptic scavenger hunt he made before he died. Romania’s tough, even for this Atlanta girl, and she solicits the help of Maksim, a reformed criminal with a skillset for solving the clues. The problem? Maksim’s crime-boss cousin has an agenda for watching Kat.

Things go from complicated to DEFCON 5 when Kat realizes she’s falling for Maksim. Romance wasn’t on the itinerary, but as they grow closer, her jaded heart makes an unexpected detour. His kindness is like a healing balm, and the story behind his journey to faith sparks hope within her. That is, until the clues reveal that Maksim’s cousin wants the “prize” at the end of the scavenger hunt: an inheritance so big Romania’s biggest crime syndicate is after it. Kat needs more than faith to escape this trap. If a miracle doesn’t come, the crime boss will say la revedere by shipping her home in a body bag.


Maksim led me to the end of the corridor, and we entered an enormous open plaza full of people. A flock of birds launched into flight, disappearing into the gray sky.

I stopped. Gasped.

A medieval clock tower stood at the center of the plaza. Saxon-style merchant houses rimmed the square, coloring the scene in green, pink, light blue, deep gold, and even a yellow that reminded me of my new pullover. The buttery yellow was definitely prettier on the merchant house than on me.

“Do you see something?” Maksim’s gaze followed mine across the plaza. “What is it?”

Council Square

“Ox-drawn carriages,” I murmured, a sense of wonder filling my mind. The sadness I’d been feeling, the frustration and bitterness—everything melted away. Something wonderful and indescribable stirred within me.

“Where?” Maksim lowered his glasses. “What do ox-drawn carriages have to do with the clues?”

Ox-drawn carriages didn’t have anything to do with anything. It’s just that I finally got what my dad was talking about all those years. He’d never said much about Romania, but when he had, it’d usually been about Braşov. Now I understood why. It felt like I’d been magically transported into a fairytale. On the way to Centru

I wondered…did the peasants of fairytales ride around in ox-drawn carriages? I supposed no one knew since fairytales were usually about princesses. But standing in that medieval plaza, I knew ox-drawn carriages had to be in fairytales somewhere. At least in the background or maybe off the beaten path.



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