When You Think I Don’t Hear

Every word you speak
Is a knife in my back
Every curse you utter
Is a blade to my neck
Just a nick, just a prick
Just a big little gash
Just a feeling I get
Just the things that I sense
Nobody told me
It’s not a mere guess
This isn’t mere research
Nor is it a test
It’s the heart of a lion
The mind of a saint
The life of a sinner
With minuscule faith


Lust vs Love

Lust takes selfishly at the expense of the other person, but true love gives at the expense of self.

Self-centered love is philautia. Lustful love is eros.

True love (selfless, willful love that reveals itself thru actions rather than feelings) is agapē. Let agapē be your highest goal.


How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…