Vanishing Act

How’s it going?
It’s been far too very long
I’ve been practicing my melody
And singing a new song
Salut et
I’ve been waiting for a time
It’s good to see you once again
It’s good to see you smile
Please don’t go
Friend, we’ve hardly talked at all
You’ve hardly said a word
Or a sentence, big or small
You’ve barely said a thing — not two words have passed your lips
But now you’re gone again
And I weep for this friendship
I’m crying when you’re hurting
When you’re hiding all your pain
When things aren’t what they seem
And your tears are secret streams
I wish that I could hug you, friend, and take away your pain
For now it’s yours to bear — but it doesn’t have to be this way
You don’t have to feel so empty
Under shame, control, and rage
You don’t have to feel alone…and, friend?
You don’t have to bear this weight

Soul-baring: the world’s most dangerous job