My Feelings Still Show

This plethora of emotions
An ocean
That swallows me whole
The tides are a sign
And my feelings still show
The waves try to trick me
I drown in their swell
The sand loves to tickle
The horrors I know

This sea of illusion
That swallows me up
It scoops me up gently
I’m down in one gulp
Now I’m lost and I’m lonely
I’m homely, I know….

My heart turns to mush
My nerves turn to jelly
My soul reaches out
And my feelings still show

– Written August 30, 2012
when things were beginning to feel a bit off in my life

Extraordinarily Ordinary

Ordinary ‘ole me
Not particularly young
Not particularly old
I’m stuck somewhere in between
Pretty (with effort)
Questionable (without)
The fact is I am pretty plain
Not reserved
Not bold
Not baleful
Not cold
But also not really that great
Ordinary ‘ole me
Aching to excel
At just one thing (anything)
And hoping for more than a dream

Pretty Plain

Don’t Let Me Fall

I feel like I’m walking a tightrope, like I’m balancing on a high wire far above the earth – one wrong move, and I’ll slip.

It seems like there are forces at work that want me to slip. But I’m fighting to stay on this tightrope. To keep moving forward.

– Written January 25, 2014
in Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico


Compassion and Empathy

Don’t let your heart grow hard.

Or cold.

Don’t self-medicate.

Grainy Day

Even if it hurts, allow yourself to feel. Don’t numb the pain.

This is how we grow in compassion and empathy.

The Path to Courage




Open your arms wide to vulnerability, while walking in integrity, so that you can let courage in….