I Believe

You know that I don’t care about the other stuff
Jesus loves you — for me, that’s enough
There’s nothing “wrong” with you no matter what they think
No matter what you say — you’re 100% unique
It’s true, I didn’t always understand
It’s also true — I’m not here to hold your hand
You’re a man, not a child, and I see you as strong
It doesn’t mean you’re perfect or that you’re never wrong
But I still believe in the things you’re going to do
Believe it or not, God’s Spirit is working in you
Believe it or not, you don’t need a church or a priest
Just believe in Christ — you’re not required to believe in me
But I believe in you, because I believe in Him
I believe in what He’s shown me — I believe in my friend

Lemonade skies and summer nights