Dedication: Lost in the Darkness

To a dear friend of mine who just lost her sister to suicide. 💔 A poem told from the perspective of those whose loved ones struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts.

To those who are still here, who are still on the terrifying roller coaster of depression and suicide: THERE IS HOPE. Check out “Beware of Trains” for a small sampling of my own struggle with depression, and send a message through my contact form if you need prayer.

I’m knocking on the door, but you’re not home
I’m waiting, wondering, but maybe you want to be left alone
But what if you’re sad and need someone around?
I don’t want to be a burden, I don’t want to bring you down
Then you suddenly invite me in
To have a talk, to have a sit
I guess you were here all along
And my heart sings a new kind of song
But then you’re gone again, and I find myself alone
The butterflies in my stomach turn to dust and stone
Because I never know if you’ll come back
I often wonder if that’s the last time I’ll hear your sweet laugh
Would you really hurt me like that?
By doing something you can never take back?
My prayer is that you simply couldn’t
But if that day comes, I pray you simply wouldn’t