Spring Sun Rising

This is how I feel: a spring sun rising over a cold, winter sky.

It’s been a long, dark night, but dawn is approaching….

Midnight in Paris

Stillness, like a heavy cloak, stretches around me. Hugging myself, I amble toward the parking lot. My ears detect the sound of rushing water. A fountain sits at the center of the plaza.

lit pathway
Lamp Unto My Feet

I pause, listening. Watching. Lights reflect off the glossy streams cascading through the stone fountain. This place is like a dreamscape, a sweet little bubble I’ve fallen into for a short time.

Too short, I think to myself.

Late-night stroll, after a late-night movie

Sighing, I climb the cement stairs that lead to my inevitable reality. The sound of the fountain fades, and the rush of cars speeding along a freeway replaces the dreamy little world I’m leaving behind. The wind kicks up, nestling into the folds of my clothes….


And then I’m back. In my car. Heading home. My little excursion was nice while it lasted.

-Written August 17, 2011
after seeing Midnight in Paris

A Walk Through the Park

The air is rich with the scent of damp cedar. The sound of shoes crunching over gravel soothes her frazzled nerves. Sunshine, bright and clean, bends between the thicket overhead, stretching from the heavens to kiss the earth…but the rays don’t reach their final destination. The shadows are too thick, the sun is too low, and the hour is growing far, far too late.

Tomorrow, she’ll try again.