Things Unsaid

We’re dancing around

The things we’ve unsaid

Is it all in my heart?

Is it all in my head?

That part of me feels dead — like a lifeless branch that’s fractured and red

Or a dried-up twig that’s been snapped in half

How do I move forward from here?

How do I shake off this lingering fear?

When I can’t go back

And I can’t draw near

This isn’t the way it was supposed to be

I had a duty, and I failed spectacularly

Because I was dumb

And ever naive

I was fearful and anxious

And confused, utterly

Over all of those things

The secrets unkept

The things our hearts whispered

And the things we’ve unsaid

If life was a road trip, my rearview mirror would be full of regrets…and yet, there is hope and redemption