This I Know

Jesus loves me
This I know
Other people
Hate me, though
Borderline disorderly
Manic personality
Trauma in my past
Yet drama creeps in
To my day
I hate myself
I hate her so
But Jesus loves me
This I know
Never screaming
Back at me
Never leaving,
Though He’s free
The noose is tied
Around my neck
It doesn’t break
It doesn’t stretch
He died so I can
Live again
He rescued me
But still I sin
I try and try
And try again
I try and try
Yet break and bend

Jesus loves me
This I know
My life is far from
Perfect, though
The only tried and
Trusted man
Who doesn’t make
A harsh demand
The only true and
Faithful one
Who doesn’t leave when
Things aren’t fun
The only steadfast
Thing in me
Who doesn’t quit
Who doesn’t flee

Crosshatch life with strokes of strife