I’m Not Who He Wants

I’ll never be enough for any man
It’s a sham
I’m not who he wants
I am who I am
Me, she, or her
He’ll always want more
There’s always greener grass
On the other side of that door

She’s perfectly and wonderfully flawless
Always so glam
I’ll never compete
I am who I am
She, they, or them
It’s never enough
She does what I can’t
She does what I won’t

He’s perfectly and utterly prideful
No, he’s never wrong
He lies, he cheats
Then sings the same old song
I’ll never compare
To she, her, or they
Not tomorrow, not ever
And certainly not today

– Written the day I realized I can never compete with all the dream girls out there, with their perfect bodies, who make themselves available to men (to the whole world) 24/7…all with a simple click.

I’ll never be able to compete with that. And I never want to.