My Feelings Still Show

This plethora of emotions
An ocean
That swallows me whole
The tides are a sign
And my feelings still show
The waves try to trick me
I drown in their swell
The sand loves to tickle
The horrors I know

This sea of illusion
That swallows me up
It scoops me up gently
I’m down in one gulp
Now I’m lost and I’m lonely
I’m homely, I know….

My heart turns to mush
My nerves turn to jelly
My soul reaches out
And my feelings still show

– Written August 30, 2012
when things were beginning to feel a bit off in my life

Not a Sound

List it out
Write it down
Take a swing!
Hit the ground!
(not so loud…)
(go softly now…)
My knees are weak
My love is proud
But trust me
Not to make a sound
Trust me
I won’t make a sound
The day you leave
(no, not a sound)

– Written on September 27, 2012
as my relationship began to unravel

The Cure

I am my mood
My mood is me
So softly
A kiss of the wind
A gentle breeze
A song I sing
So longingly

Stillness settles
What mood is this?
Content to stand
Or kneel
Or sit
I have a hunger
Of this I’m sure
But how I find it
That’s the cure

Golden Glitter

– written August 16, 2011
as I began to explore the world