The Cure

I am my mood
My mood is me
So softly
A kiss of the wind
A gentle breeze
A song I sing
So longingly

Stillness settles
What mood is this?
Content to stand
Or kneel
Or sit
I have a hunger
Of this I’m sure
But how I find it
That’s the cure

Golden Glitter

– written August 16, 2011
as I began to explore the world

The Path to Courage




Open your arms wide to vulnerability, while walking in integrity, so that you can let courage in….

Prefer Others

Prefer others over yourself.

Die to yourself daily, that you may truly live.

It’s simple, but it’s not always easy….

The Dance

Step, step
One, two
Back up
Not so fast
Take it down
Before it takes you

-Written on July 3, 2012
as my heart sensed something
wasn’t quite right with the relationship I was in



I knew pretty much nothing about law enforcement (structure, procedures…basically, zilch). So when the AWAKEN series (originally a YA Romance) turned into more of a YA Thriller amid necessary plot changes, I panicked.

jacques was worried
Don’t worry, Jacques. Mommy is reading Sgt. O’Donnell’s book now.

I checked around with different people I knew, wondering where to go or what to do. Then a writer friend suggested Patrick O’Donnell’s Facebook group COPS AND WRITERS. I had no idea O’Donnell had written a book (also called COPS AND WRITERS). As soon as I found out, I purchased it.

This book has given me a great foundation for learning about cops, cop life, and some of the things police officers go through on a daily basis — everyday struggles that are part of the job, tragedies they may face, as well as the lighthearted side of things (cop humor, kindhearted citizens, etc.). I want my series to be authentic, to have believable characters. This book has definitely been helping with certain aspects of that.

kay approves of this book1
The stories are entertaining and informative

If you know a ton about cop life and/or if you’re already knowledgeable about law enforcement (how things work, etc.), Patrick O’Donnell has a second book you might want to check out. I’ve heard it has more advanced material (do double-check that, but that’s my understanding).

However, for the price, I would say getting both is still ideal. In addition to being informative and entertaining, the stories in this first book have fueled my creative juices. I’ve been re-thinking how to execute certain scenes in order to give the writing a more organic feel.

jacques and kay2
Jacques is inspired. He’s ready to the hit the streets!

I’m not where I need to be yet (knowledge-wise) in order to finish book two in the AWAKEN series, but I’m getting there. My plan is to purchase the author’s second book, as well, and see how far that takes me.

Overall, the book is a great value and is very entertaining. It’s not exactly travel-related, but if it was, I’d give it 5 Backpacks out of 5.

P.S. Jacques says he likes it, too!

jacques and kay cops and writers
Jacques no longer identifies as “Cousteau.” He’s more of a Clouseau. As in, Inspector Clouseau. 😉