Summer Ends

It’s not really the end of the summer (thankfully!), but I’m sharing this poem because I wrote it around he the same time as the writerly musing I just posted on Monday.

I wrote these two pieces at the very end of a wonderful summer, as the days grew shorter and cool weather approached, but I’m posting them now (in the spring of 2020) because it seemed appropriate in light of the COVID pandemic.

Because all seasons, no matter how good or bad, do come to an end.

Lovers, brothers
Movers, shakers
Authors, singers
Crissing, crossing
Even lines
Waters breach
The sands of time
Hope is lost
Lost is found
Seasons shake
The shaky ground
Calming tides
That come again
People change
And summer ends


written August 28, 2012
as the seasons of life (and of my life)
began to shift

The End of Writer’s Block

This is a poem I wrote July 3, 2012 when I had a bad case of writer’s block. I had no shortage of poems back then, but I couldn’t make any progress on my manuscript no matter how hard I tried:

The End

Every word is a puzzle
I struggle to speak
Every thought or idea
Slips out of my reach
I stumble, I fumble
I can’t find my feet
The letters escape
And my pen skips a beat
When all that I want
When all that is mine
Is summed up in perfectly
Haphazard lines
The flow seems to stop…
Stop. No, it won’t come again
A passion evicted
A gift’s fatal end

Now, seven years after the writer’s block set in, God has lifted that block and given me fresh, new inspiration for my fiction writing. My first book, which is set in Romania, is now finished (I’m waiting on some feedback from my critique partner before I start seriously submitting to agents), and I’m nearly halfway through the first draft of the sequel, which is set in Paris.

To celebrate these incredible milestones, I thought I would post the above poem. It was written from a place of frustration and hopelessness. A year later, I met Hope. His name is Jesus, and He has been so good to me.

This is a poem, filled with hope, that I wrote for Him – and I wrote it even when I had the writer’s block. Because my identity isn’t in my writing. It’s in Him. And He was good to me, even when I couldn’t do the thing I felt I was created to do.

This Great Love

My heart is breaking
Gently o’er the rolling seas
Gently and with perfect ease
In this great Love
You have for me

Break my heart, Lord
Whispering, You speak to me
Singing, slowly, shaping me
In this great Love
You have for me

Touch my heart, Lord
Draw me out o’er stormy seas
Draw me out – say: Come to Me.
For if I fall, You’ll carry me

In Your great Love, God
Do not wait
Please don’t ever hesitate
For I might doubt, and I might speak
And I might pause with shaky knees
But I can fight, Lord
I won’t sink
I won’t run away from Thee
I will stay, Lord
I can’t flee
From this great Love
That’s calling me
From this great Love
Awaiting me
From this great Love
You have for me