Your Love

Your love is a mountain
I venture to climb
Your love is a river
So endlessly wide
Depression destroyed me
It tore me apart
But Your light did find me
And entered my heart

Your love is a refuge
My sanctuary
Your love is a fire
That’s burning in me
The wolves closed in
They tried to steal me
But You are my Shepherd
I belong to Thee

Your love is a fountain
Your love is a spring
Your love is an ocean
The calmest blue sea
Your love is the rock
Your love is the shore
Your love is the strength
And the hope I adore

It’s real and it’s true
For You are my King
Thank You for loving
And rescuing me

– Written on Valentine’s Day 2014
in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Compassion and Empathy

Don’t let your heart grow hard.

Or cold.

Don’t self-medicate.

Grainy Day

Even if it hurts, allow yourself to feel. Don’t numb the pain.

This is how we grow in compassion and empathy.

The Cure

I am my mood
My mood is me
So softly
A kiss of the wind
A gentle breeze
A song I sing
So longingly

Stillness settles
What mood is this?
Content to stand
Or kneel
Or sit
I have a hunger
Of this I’m sure
But how I find it
That’s the cure

Golden Glitter

– written August 16, 2011
as I began to explore the world

The Path to Courage




Open your arms wide to vulnerability, while walking in integrity, so that you can let courage in….

Prefer Others

Prefer others over yourself.

Die to yourself daily, that you may truly live.

It’s simple, but it’s not always easy….