Sometimes it’s Chocolate Cake

The greatest tempter
Isn’t always lust or hate
It’s chocolate cake
For me
This is especially true
Especially drink
Especially food
Especially all the things that
Taste good

-Written February 2014

Just because something is permissable doesn’t mean it’s beneficial. Even if something is permissable, I must not be mastered by it.

St. Paul (paraphrased)

Foolish Girl

Such a fool, foolish girl
To sit around…and for what?
You don’t know
Never have
Never will
Forget about your heart
‘Cause it’s all about his will

Foolish girl
Dreamy-eyed, lovesick girl
He don’t see you, girl
Never has
Never will
You never stood a chance
‘Cause you know he don’t stand still

Foolish girl
Teary-eyed, heartsick girl
You know the end of this story, girl
Unhappily ever after silver and pearls
Perfectly tarnished, harshly pure
Worth less than gold without a cure
But you still sit there, silly little girl
Believin’, daydreamin’, forever unsure
Foolish, foolish girl

-Written August 18, 2011
as I fell for the wrong guy

Will I Ask You To Stay

How long will it last
This sad circumstance
Before you decide
I’m not worth a glance?
It’s only a matter of time
Give it weeks, maybe days
Will I ask you to stay?

How long will you last
In this circumstance
Before you renege
And you understand?
Before you decide
I’ve committed a crime?
Weeks, months, or days?
Will I ask you to stay?

How long will we last
Before somebody’s past
Dictates our future
And muddies the path?
Before all this pain
(Oh, I’ll want you to stay)
Consumes me to tears
As I’m feeling this way?

-Written on August 30th 2012
as I saw the writing on the wall

Desperately Near

When I fall You catch me
Please catch me today
Catch me right now
Before I fade away

I’m sorry I wandered
Sorry I waned
Sorry I faltered and
Failed in this way

But You love me always
This much is clear
This much is true
As You kiss all my tears

Stay with me always
Don’t leave me be
Don’t stay away
Come closer to me

‘Cause I’m desperately wanting
Desperate to hear
Desperate to have You come
Desperately near

-Written April 29, 2014
in Tambo de Mora, Peru

Into the Wilderness

He will win me back once again.

He will allure me and lead me into the wilderness and speak tenderly to me there….Grainy Shadows on Torn Paper